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One of the fastest growing Building Construction Companies in India, Mustadam Innovations Pvt Ltd is based in Lucknow, the capital city of the state Uttar Pradesh. The company offers a comprehensive range of sustainable designs and build solutions to its clients. It is registered with the prestigious green building organization, The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which is a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).


The company Mustadam Innovations Pvt Ltd was started by its Director and Chief Architect Ahmed Haroon who is involved in planning and designing of various Government and Private Projects since the beginning of his Architectural Designing Firm – Architectural Innovations & Construction in the year 2003. He has an excellent oversight of his clients' requirements and owns the ability to translate his clients' imaginative dreams into physical, earthly built form. Apart from being an International Associate of American Institute of Architects, he is a qualified Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional (IGBC AP).


Apart from being a Construction Company, Mustadam Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow is a professional team of Architectural Designers also. Whether it is a Residential building or a Commercial one, they are here to assist you in all aspects of its construction. Capturing your vision, they create a construction plan that reflects your uniqueness and perception.


The Company specializes in Sustainable Designs and Architecture. Sustainable or Green Architecture is a term, which not only describes a technologically and materially durable building design, but also an ecologically and environmentally stable one. The core plan to start the company was only to provide the best outcome of the Sustainable Architectural Design Solutions to its clients. The company is always committed to the green architecture with environmentally conscious designs.


Besides construction, the Company also offers its clients an expert work force with Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers & Decorators, Industrial Building Planners, Landscape Architects and other professionals. Collectively they develop technically sound Master of the Art structures as par the requirement of its clients.


The Company runs with close association with its sister concern Architectural Innovations & Construction, Lucknow. Projects of the firm Architectural Innovations & Construction, Lucknow cover a wide range of buildings from Government offices to Private Commercial Complexes to Farm Houses and Residential Bungalows. The complete lists of various projects of the firm are given under the heads of ‘Projects’.


While the company is based in Lucknow, it has a vast experience of doing work in various parts of Uttar Pradesh and adjoining states of India. Here are some projects suggested / completed under our sister concern Architectural Innovations & Construction, Lucknow –


AIAC Lucknow project


AIAC Lucknow project : Picnic Spot at Jheel Jail, Rampur


AIAC Lucknow project : Dilkusha Garden, Lucknow






AIAC Lucknow project : Shagun Vatika, Parag Narayen Road, Lucknow

AIAC Lucknow project : Dayal Paradise, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow


AIAC Lucknow project : a proposed building of Medical College


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Mustadam Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow

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